About Xtreme Foils


XTREME Foils, Inc was started in 2006 to bring high end performance hydrofoil products to ALL foilers. It all started with a Front Wing project. After riding a wingletless front wing - I knew it was where I wanted to be. The rest as they say, was history. I taught myself 3-d modeling, worked with CNC companies, and started producing prototypes, learned how to program and run a CNC machine. The first product available for the public was the Mach II Front Wing. Once the momentum got behind Xtreme Foils, there was no stopping it. The current world record for height was achieved on Xtreme wings (64 frames unassisted). There are too many people to thank for getting this company to the top - Ben Ferney, Jake Bradley, The Narans family, Al Lewin, Justin Deitrich, Dominic Schumacher, among many, many others. It has been such an amazing journey through the years!


October 2005 - plans started being developed for a carbon fiber board

November 2005 - first c/f board completed

January 2006 - plans to develop a front wing began - Had to teach myself 3-d modeling, CNC design, etc.

April 21, 2006 - First Schwing front wing produced

  • The first Schwing turned out to be a great wing. It taught us a great deal about how everything works. The things that were fixed on this prototype were: Lift - had WAY too little lift and therefore required a shim in the front wing to fly; Cavitation - wingtips had more cavitation than we wanted; Leading and trailing edge profiles - needed to find out how we wanted the wing to react in water. One may ask about the name: Schwing... Well, at Lake Powell, we were testing - someone called the wing the "Schumacher Wing", and of course that was too much work, so it was labelled "Schwing".

June 10, 2006 - Mach II front wing Prototype produced -

  • A GREAT deal of computing went into this wing. Water flo software was used to try to reduce all the cavitation on the wing. It was VERY effective, and proved to be very valuable in saving time and money in the R&D process. Things that were worked on with this prototype - wingtips - too thin so they flexed. Placement on the t-bar - plenty of lift now. Other subtle things. Name came from my last name - once again made up by a fellow foiler - "Mach 1" and later the "Mach 2" for the 2nd prototype.

July 10, 2006 - Mach II front wing produced - production model

  • The wing sold to the public in 2006. It has been a great learning process to end up with the best riding wing out there. It has very little cavitation, and cleans up faster than any wing we've seen yet. The added air is incredible.

July, 2006 - XTREME Foils, Inc is created and wings are sold

Winter, 2006-2007 - MUCHO developing and testing of different products

Jan, 2007 - Xcalibur T-bar is born!!!!!

  • XTREME t-bar totally redesigned. The Xcalibur T-Bar was designed and created over the the past few years but is strictly in testing phases and is not available for sale. I'm not sure how many revisions have been made, but we are learning alot. The latest version has 50 frame fronts easily achievable at 24mph... look for 60 frames this year with the Xcal/Mach3/Falcon

May 2007 - Falcon Rear Wing:

  • The Falcon took flight Memorial Day Weekend - 2007. And what a flight it had. I have never had as much fun on a set of wings - the Mach 3 and Falcon are a match made in Heaven. If you want big air... the BIGGEST air, you've found your wings. The Falcon is available and ready to ship.

May 2007 Mach 2.5 Front Wing

  • We have made a slight modification to the Mach II in order to allow the wing to sit back further on the t-bar. The wing design itself hasn't changed a bit - just the placement on the t-bar. Now the wing will sit back 1/2" from where the Mach II sits. Both wings will be available depending on which you prefer.

May 2008 Mach 3 Front Wing

  • Totally redesigned - different profile - no flat surfaces on the wing (except the bottom), bigger, badder, more air. The smoothest ride with the most power out there! It will once again redefine big air if that's your goal! The Mach 3 is ready to ship

Sept 2009 - Raptor Front Wing takes flight

  • New 2009 Raptor!!! The Raptor has been in the making for approximately 9 months. Yes it took that long for testing, redesigning, prototyping, flow analysis, etc. But the wait was very much worth it. Instantly noticeable upgrade after bolting it on. It is the smoothest, fast cleanup, most powerful wing on the market. It will redefine big air once again! The Raptor has incorporated vortex generators to help with our cavitation issues. What that really does is creates an incredible cold/warm water ride, and gives stability without sacrificing quickness. It is already gaining popularity after only being on the water a few weeks.

April 2010 - Viper rear wing hits the water

  • Want a quicker wing that the falcon with more power? We've got it for you. The Viper has been selling out almost immediately ever since it hit the water. It is the most stable/big air rear wing in existance!

August 2011 - 60 Frames Unassisted achieved by XTREME Rider Ben Ferney

  • The Holy Grail of foiling has been reached. A goal we set years and years ago was achieved by Pro Team Rider Ben Ferney in August 2011 on XTREME Wings. An Unassisted 60 frame wake back roll - for those who don't understand what that means, it's a very, very, very high flip over the wake - the higest ever video taped up to August 2011. It was a HUGE feat and congratulations goes out to Ben! I can't wait to see what the next 5 years brings!

Summer 2011

  • Pro Riders - Al Lewin, Ben Ferney, Jake Bradley, Torey Narans, Tyler Narans all going huge and taking the hydrofoiling sport by storm!!!

4 out of 5 Pros at 2010 USHA Nationals now riding XTREME Wings

  • Congrats to the XTREME Riders at the 2010 USHA Nationals! What an impressive XTREME Team we had this year. Jake Bradley, Ben Ferney, Torey Narans, Al Lewin... not to mention all the Outlaw/Open/Advanced/Amateur riders on the XTREME Wings. It was a GREAT Year, and hopefully will be followed by many more in the future! Congrats to all who competed!

2013 - Cobra curved front wing hits the market

  • The wing that changed the sit down foiling world - softer landings, more power, more control. 60 frames hit almost instantly. Curved wings were here to stay.

2014 - Stache front wing is born

  • Once again, XTREME Foils is pushing the limits on what is possible on a hydrofoil. This wing started out being called the Stingray, however, overwhelming response labelled it the Mustache or Stache' for short. It has alread had a few "first" ever - like a double air roll landed by Torey Narans. Our goal was to find a little more power than even the Cobra had while maintaining a softer landing. This wing is already proving itself time and time again. Big air out in the flats - unbelievably responsive and powerful - forgiving on landings - and VERY big air!!! The Stache' awaits...

2014 - Venom rear wing

  • Totally redesigned for bigger air, more stability, more power, and better tracking. Rear wing requires a slider - don't forget to order if you do not have one.

2016 - Superhawk - world record wing in height

  • What an incredible few years it has been for hydrofoiling and XTREME Foils! Our goal was to reach a mark that we thought was possible, but back then was so far away. 4 years ago, Ben Ferney hit the 60 frame mark which truly set a new bar for height. It wasn't that many years ago when 50 frames was a very difficult accomplishment. But hitting 60 really changed things - although we knew we weren't finished...It took 2 years and MANY different prototypes to finally hit 62 frames - but we still weren't finished. I kept pumping out prototypes, Ferney (and others) kept pushing the limits. Then in the Fall of 2015, Justin Dietrich bumps the bar up once again on another prototype we had been working on. 63 frames!!! He had worked for years to perfect his technique - and it definitely payed off. So that prototype was the initial design of where we were heading. We had some other crazy designs being tested, and although they produced big air, some of the other features I need in a wing were lacking. I created 3 prototypes from the 63 framer but with some very different characteristics/shapes and shipped them out for testing. It took Ferney 30 seconds on the SuperHawk to know it was THE wing. Incredibly stable and smooth - cleans up perfectly – soft landings - and power like no other. Within a week he changed from a prototype he loved and had been riding for probably 6 months to the SuperHawk. That said something to me about this wing and I knew it was time to introduce the latest XTREME wing. The crazy thing is I had enough faith in this wing that I started production even before the 64 was achieved - there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to hit it. He would txt me about multiple 60+ framers each run in crazy cold water, so I knew it was only a matter of time. Who would have thunk it would be in the first few weeks of being on the new wing at the A-Town Throwdown where he would achieve the world record 64 frame unassisted invert! Thanks to Fern for his amazing dedication to this sport, for all the pros that support and continue to have faith in XTREME Foils, and for all of you out there that make this quest possible!!! What a great family we have! Go XTREME Team!

2018 Fu Manchu

  • The redesigned Stache comes to life! The Fu Manchu was designed on the hugely successful Stache front wing. We wanted the Stache stability and softer landings, but the power of the Superhawk. The Fu has more surface area than even the Superhawk, more power, more forgiving landings, more stable... just MORE of everything. It has already seen Doubles in competition and is ready to shatter records!!!

2020 Fury rear wing

  • The Fury rear wing was designed to try to fix a few issues with the currently rear wings on the market. It is based of the hugely popular shape of the Venom rear wing, but is cut from thicker material that allows the wings tips to be swept down like the Fu Manchu front wing. This gives it MUCH more stability than the flatter wings, softer landings, and better cleanup on landings. This wing also uses a totally new slider system with cap screw bolts so stripping bolts should be a thing of the past. The Slider and 2 bolts are included with each wing since older slider plates will not work with this wing.The Fury was designed to move 1/2" further forward than the Venom/Viper rear wings. For those who want a quicker ride, you now have that option with this wing. There are markings on the rear wing to allow the wing to be positioned exactly where it was taken off each time.

2020 King Cobra front wing

  • The King Cobra found it's way to the high end wings when high end riders were going HUGE but still wanted the softer landings of the older Cobra wing. The King Cobra has greater than 30 square inches more in surface area than the Cobra front wing, and is redesigned to equal the power of the Fu Manchu wing. This wing has already found a fan base even before being available to the public. If you are looking for a HUGE air wing, but still need a stable cutting, soft landing wing, this is your wing.